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How Can Telemarketing Support Business Development?

Posted on by GCL

Business Development can be supported by strategic and tactical telemarketing campaigns which utilise intelligent data insight, builds strong relationships with potential prospects, and actively combines online and phone-based dialogue engagement techniques to support and grow sales leads and indirect channels. At GCL Direct we specialise in telemarketing, implementing and enhancing best practice techniques to deliver your sales and marketing department with Sales-Ready opportunities. To learn exactly how we support business development for so many of our clients, read on as we explain how you could benefit from our telemarketing services.

Intelligent Marketing Data Insights

Gathering accurate data regarding your target market can be extremely difficult, often available but disconnected and disparate across many sources or only available direct from prospects – telemarketing is an effective way of gaining accurate insights directly from the prospect. At GCL Direct we can build your data insight around what really helps you and your sales team sell, providing invaluable data to enable identification of both core target market and what motivates them into making a purchase.

Building intelligent data on core prospects allows us to tailor our telemarketing approach, improving the quality of the leads we generate for our clients.

Lead Generation

With accurate data insights and a comprehensive understanding of our clients business, we can engage in an unscripted business-led conversation with prospects, delivering high quality sales ready opportunities, which in turn increase conversion rates. Relationship building is highly effective at generating and nurturing prospects, which is why we at GCL Direct are extremely effective at providing clients with quality leads.

Outsourcing telemarketing delivers quality opportunities directly to your sales department avoiding the traditional “boom and bust” cycle that so often occurs within busy sales teams.

Building Brand & Awareness

Frequently overlooked, telemarketing can also help build brand and prospect awareness, inadvertently supporting your existing marketing campaigns and on-going sales strategy.

To learn exactly how we at GCL Direct can help support business development be sure to click here to get in touch with us today.

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