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The Multi Channel Evolution

Posted on by GCLAdmin

Evolution of the Phone

How multi-channel is your multi-channel marketing? All too often the term multi-channel marketing is used to refer synonymously to refer to online/digital marketing across blogs, social media, email and other web based platforms with SMS messaging occasionally being included as well.

However are we missing a trick with some of the more traditional means of marketing? For example in the past year we’ve worked on some brilliant campaigns that have used some pretty wacky and creative direct mail ideas, everything from hats and scarfs to pens and empty boxes. This unique approach offers something different to a market that is saturated by tired faceless digital content that uses constantly recycled statistics and “facts”.

Whilst one is “new” and the other is “old” the objective of direct mail is the same as any digital channel in driving people onto websites and into nurture or automation cycles. Another interesting take on direct mail that we have seen is using the promise of posting something tangible to a prospect to drive up web traffic and get their contact details, after all who doesn’t like free “stuff”!

And it’s not just direct mail that people are using to regain that competitive advantage, for example telemarketing is being used to drive digital engagement such as webinar sign ups or whitepaper downloads.

It may seem a bit strange to use such a direct method of marketing just to drive up digital engagement however if we think about the way that people now purchase B2B products and services we can understand why getting prospects to engage early is so important.  The majority of people make the first 60% of their buying decision based on their own research therefore getting a prospect to engage with your material early is vital. Telemarketing maybe an old dog but it can be used for new tricks by funnelling the right type of prospects towards your content and into your nurture cycle.

Driving digital engagement and making sure prospects progress through a nurture process is only step one and at some point we all need to engage with our prospects and help them with the final 40% of their buying decision.

The trigger for this can be anything from following up on an event, webinar or whitepaper to engaging with a prospect to gain feedback, qualify leads or set up appointments for the sales team. After all automated lead scores can only tell you about a prospects digital behaviour for real personalised marketing you need to engage with them directly.

With all the excitement and buzz around digital it’s easy to forget about tried and tested methods such as direct mail and telemarketing. Although digital aka “multi-channel” has changed the pace of marketing by empowering buyers to make more informed decisions it‘s important to remember that this new method of marketing is best served as a holistic, truly integrated multi-channel approach.

If we think about it we can see that it is not tools such as telemarketing that need to change but rather the way we use them.  By using all the tools in our arsenal both digital and traditional we can ensure that the right people are getting the right information at the right time to make the right buying decisions.

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7 Signs Your Marketing is Out of Date

Posted on by GCLAdmin



Have you missed out on any of the big marketing innovations of the last 5 years?

Marketing Automation – what marketing automation?! Seriously this is the biggest technological advance to happen to marketing in the last 5 years. Check out Oracle, Marketo and B2B specialists Communigator to see how they can make lead nurture so much easier.

Why is this writing so small?! Is your website mobile friendly? On the 21st of March this year Google reconfigured their ranking algorithm for mobile search, penalising any websites that are not mobile friendly – with up to 50% of B2B searches on mobiles can you afford not to be mobile friendly?

I don’t do Twitter it’s too needy! Well that it maybe however, it is the ultimate B2B PR broadcast system and news feed. By engaging with key twitteratie influencers you can get your latest press releases under the noses of some top publications.

Video killed the radio star. That and it’s also pretty good at doing away with traditional web content as more people are using video to inform themselves when researching B2B purchases.

Why would I pay for clicks? PPC is a powerful tool if used correctly and for the search terms that will bring the right type of prospects to your website. Don’t forget there is more than Google, sites like Linked In also offer sponsored links similar to PPC.

You can find us on page 12 of Google! SEO is not a dirty word however it has changed beyond recognition over the last few years with black hat methods such as link networks now being penalised and organic content driven SEO becoming the only way to climb the rankings.

Whitepaper? As opposed to coloured? Content is king and big evergreen pieces such as whitepapers (independent research papers) or guides are ideal ways of informing your audience without overtly selling to them. Not all content is written; infographics, videos and online tools are also a vital part of the mix. The key thing is quality, quantity and variety.

However you use digital innovation to engage with your audience GCL Direct are here to support you when the time comes to add the human touch and speak with them directly whether that’s lead generation, appointment setting or multi touch nurture campaigns.

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Millennial Marketing?

Posted on by GCLAdmin
The king of  "Millennium" Robbie Williams (courtesy of vipflash /

The king of “Millennium” Robbie Williams (courtesy of vipflash /

According to Google’s research on the Changing face of Marketing B2B marketing is getting younger with the whole profile of the average B2B buyer changing massively over the last two years – in fact nearly half of people involved in the B2B buying research process are Millennials under 35 (and for anyone of that generation get your mind off Robbie Williams crooning MILLENNIUM in moody greyscale!).

So what? Well, if the research stacks up then not only are most of your key instigators more savvy, content hungry and self-informing than ever but they’re also poles apart from the traditional C-Suite of buyers you may be targeting…

To help your team decipher what this really means for B2B Marketers we’ve been looking at the trends, habits and more importantly how to reach them effectively.

Google’s own research suggests around 90% of buying journeys start online – it’s hardly surprising that this is heavily influenced by the Millennials and their increased participation in B2B buying decisions. The Millennials, defined as “born after 1980” have grown up in a world where email and the internet have always been a part of their work life – so whilst Google research shows that 89% of buyers use the internet to inform their decisions –  for Millennials it’s likely to be closer to 100%.

The familiarity of these new buyers with technology is reflected in the type of content they like to consume and how they consume it. The majority of buyers, up to 70%, are using videos to help them make their buying decisions and nearly half of them are using their mobiles to find it – maybe more important is that on average buyers will make 12 searches before even reaching out to a provider of any sort.

So, we have a group of information hungry, self-informing potential buyers flicking between multiple content streams that don’t fit into the traditional sales, C-Suite profile…Erm Help? Back to our original question on how these changes affect us as B2B marketers – well for starters they want engaging content delivered at the ZMOT therefore we all need to tailor our approach and guide them into the sales funnel to stand any chance of being on the contact list after search 12.

Digital Marketing is, of course, key to attracting prospects into the sales funnel, strategies such as SEO, SEM, Social and Pay Per Click will help guide people to your website which should serve as your shop front. When they have found the website you need to be able feed them informative, valuable content to capture their details and begin to engage with them directly.

Once you’ve started the relationship Engagement should be your key goal – after all buyers only buy when they’re ready to buy – your job is to ensure your brand is front of mind. There are a number of different engagement methods you can use such as social media, blogs and email. In order to maintain influence and engagement a personalised drip feed of content running over a number of weeks via a combination of methods proves most effective. This allows the prospect to continue their own research at their own pace but also by continually feeding informative content to them it will keep your brand at the front their mind.

To ensure you work with the prospect at their pace a good marketing automation solution is by far the easiest way to tailor not only when and how they receive content but also what mixture of content they receive based on their behaviours.

It is also worth remembering that this method can be used with your existing client and prospect database providing it is properly profiled and segmented, to re-energies old relationships or start new conversations. Not only that but by understanding your prospects profile you can either build or purchase a segmented list of new prospects to feed into your engagement program.

The whole purpose of any engagement program is to nurture a prospect to the point where they are ready to engage with the sales team. This could be left to the prospect to decide when they are ready to pick up the phone however there is no harm in reaching out to them directly providing this is done as part of nurture program and doesn’t come over as a telesales call.

B2B marketing is still changing at a remarkable rate with more and more decisions being taken by the more tech savvy professional Millennials – remember they’re not just researching you either!  They (as we all do in our buying habits) inform themselves around solutions before looking at brand or products – looking wider at multiple solutions as well as comparing competitors and the alternatives.

In deciphering the trends, habits and effective B2B Marketing solutions it seems that good content, information and intelligence is King. We all need to engage with prospects earlier and give them the information they need to make their own buying decisions. These days it is hard to hide behind tricks and gimmicks as quality will always win through however having a combination of intelligent content coupled with a real understanding of what drives your buyers and when to engage will help you shine out from the competition.

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