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Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Posted on by GCLAdmin

Get Past the Gate Keeper

Here at GCL we continually train and develop our team in the key aspects of demand generation. In this blog article our expert training and development co-ordinator, Aruna Gill provides some top advice on how to get past the gatekeeper when calling prospects.

In my role as training and development co-ordinator I design, plan and implement training for the whole call centre which is 50+ Agents; making each training program easy to digest and fun for the team. One of the key areas that we work on is how to get through to the decision maker; otherwise known as “getting past the gatekeeper”.

First things first, it’s all about your mind set. If you see the gatekeeper as an obstacle you have already lost. So what do you do?

The way I look at it is how do I get the Gatekeeper on my side? .

The key ingredient is confidence – when speaking with the gatekeeper always speak confidently, take control of the conversation, be friendly and enthusiastic, it goes a long way.

With great confidence comes, “the air of positive expectation”. Right, so you’ve got through to a gatekeeper your confident and ask directly for “Joe Blogs”, the gatekeeper asks “whose calling?” throw a sigh in “its Alice”. Speak as though you  expect the Gatekeeper to put you through, almost as if you own the place.

Gatekeepers are phone ninjas they are put in place to filter calls. The best tactic to keep these ninjas at bay? Turn them into your allies. Remember they have tough jobs, so treat them with respect, humour and compassion.

Get the gatekeeper to hold the torch for you. OK this is not the Olympics but by getting an informed influential gatekeeper to buy into your solution and present it to the decision maker as their own it will carry more weight than going direct to the decision maker yourself.

Show recognition – gatekeepers are your fuel. They hold vital information, through them you learn about the Decision Maker, the department, recent trends and company plans.

Strive to make an impression – Show some personality, humour and creativity to stand apart from the hundreds of other marketing calls they get.

Demonstrate past history with the Decision Maker – “I’m returning his/her call”. This will upgrade the calls importance.

Save repeatedly explaining yourself by asking for direct dials – this will give you a much better chance of getting through to the Decision Maker the next time.

These are just some of the methods you can use to get the gatekeeper on your side and as with anything it gets easier and more natural with practice.

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Seven Marketing Activities to get you Through the Summer Slow Down

Posted on by GCLAdmin

Summer Down Time

For some of us the summer slowdown is second only to Christmas in terms of business frustration, for others it heralds a well-earned break with the family and for a few there is no slow down at all. However you view this period of the year there are some key marketing tasks that can not only see you through the relative boredom of the slow down but can also get you ahead of the competition when everything restarts in September.

Dust off your Databases –Use the time to dust off and reinvigorate your client and prospect databases whether you do it yourself or use an external agency this time of year is great for topping up and verifying your contacts.

Campaign Planning – Now you have time to breathe it’s probably worth finding those September campaign plans and running through them one more time. Get print runs done ahead of time and set up any new automation work flows or email templates required.

Reinvigorate Your Content – Remember those blog posts from 2 years ago? Well no one else does! Why not dig them out change and update them and get them ready to republish. This is a great way of optimising your SEO and producing fresh content at little additional cost.

Crunch Some Data – Everybody collects data on everything these days, however, you’ll only see the benefit if you use it! Now is the ideal time to get your head down and look at what the data is telling you.

Get to Know Your Future Customers – Now is a great time to dig a little deeper into those promising accounts and really get to know them. With some straight forward profiling questions you can find out who the decision makers are, what products and services they currently use and when those contracts are up.

Get Creative – Summer is the ideal time to find an outdoor space (weather permitting!) with your marketing team and get creative with ideas for content and future campaigns. Great for team building but also a good source of valuable content ideas.

Reconnect With Old Friends – LinkedIn is great, especially for keeping in contact with business connections. Use the summer to reinforce connections with ex-clients or colleagues via social media or email. Not only does it keep the connection alive in case anything comes up in the future but it may also generate live opportunities.

As a marketing services agency specialising in telemarketing we know that the summer vacation period is the ideal time to work on your database; cleanse, generate new contacts or find out more information on your existing contacts. That’s why we’re offering our best rates on data campaigns over summer call us on 0121 525 452 2020 or email

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The Triple Threat!

Posted on by GCLAdmin

The Tripple Threat

What is the single biggest threat to any marketing campaign?

Is it time, money or the quality of the end result?

Time, Cost and Quality is a delicate balance – you can’t change one without changing the other. That’s why, when planning your campaign it makes sense to set expectations at the outset.

In an ideal world we all want the best results for the lowest cost and we want it yesterday. In order to achieve this, would it be sensible to just set our expectations lower?

Well, don’t lower the bar just yet! The key is to set expectations within your team at the very start and then have an agreed strategy that everybody has bought into on how to deal with problems as and when they arise.

Setting Expectations

Whether you manage all your marketing activity in-house or you work with an external agency, these fundamental principles of setting expectations should apply. What often complicates the marketing and sales process is the number of stakeholders involved in the mix, all with different expectations. The quality and frequency of sales leads will always be a bone of contention for sales people and sales management whereas finance teams and senior managers will be more concerned with the cost of sales and getting a good ROI. This is why communication and the management of expectation are so important in the marketing and sales environment. Without this coherence, strategies can soon go adrift and targets missed.

Take the scenario of a telemarketing appointment-setting campaign whereby telemarketers are making appointments for a team of sales people who operate in the field. It’s crucial that expectations should be established between the senior management team, the sales team and its marketing department/agency before the campaign launches. In the very first meeting, the following items should definitely be on the campaign management part of the agenda:

What is the budget for the campaign, what are the timescales and what are the objectives?

How will leads be qualified?

What is the average revenue that is expected to be generated from each lead that converts into business? How will conversion data be passed from sales to marketing to determine success?

What will the process for feedback between sales and marketing look like?

How many leads will need to be generated to ensure a successful ROI?

Is this volume of lead generation feasible given the remits of the campaign?

How will intelligence about customers be captured and used in the future?

If you start to obtain answers to these questions from the outset of your campaign then expectations of all the stakeholders can be managed effectively.

Managing Time, Cost and Quality

After setting marketing and sales expectations you shouldn’t expect to hit them over night. What’s important at the start of a campaign is that you’re measuring results, identifying improvements, and forging best practice. Once the campaign is in full swing you can start to hone in on what steps need to be taken to meet the objectives, and achieve the ROI you are looking for.

Time, cost and quality can be managed but it takes time, good communication and everybody who is involved in the process being on board with the game plan. That is why if you are thinking about outsourcing your marketing to an external agency you should find one that understands these issues and speaks the same sales and marketing language that you do.

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