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What Does Lead Generation Mean to You?

Posted on by GCLAdmin

Lead Generation

What does Lead Generation mean to you? It may seem like a simple question but if we were to ask people at 10 different companies we would get 10 different answers. At what point does a suspect become a prospect, how does a prospect become a lead and when does that lead get given to the sales team to follow up? More questions that need answering!

Everyone does things differently it’s what makes us human however there are some core component’s that every Lead Generation campaign needs in order to succeed:

Data underlies everything and allows you to specifically target your prospects. Get the messaging wrong and you will lose your audience. But the bit that most companies seem to misjudge is the follow up, on average it takes 5 -12 touches before a lead is ready to buy so it is no good just following up the once! 

Next we need to understand how Data, Messaging and Follow Up relate to the Quality, Quantity and end Results of the leads generated. We’re looking at exactly these challenges in GCL’s latest article “Why Does B2B Still Struggle with Lead Generation” click on the link to read the complete article.

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A Practical Guide to Lead Generation – Coming Soon

Posted on by GCLAdmin

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Lead Generation is the most important function of marketing?

It will probably depend on which side of the sales and marketing fence we sit on however regardless of whether it’s at the top of our lists or not the fact is that we need to generate leads for our businesses.

At GCL we’ve been generating leads (amongst other things) for our clients for the last 25 years and although we haven’t found a magic formula that works for everyone (sorry guys!) we have picked up some extremely useful practical tips. In our Practical Guide to Lead Generation released next week we explore  what makes a good lead generation campaign and what practical steps you can take to increase your leads and impress your boss.

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What Has Happened to Lead Generation Campaigns?

Posted on by GCLAdmin

Build it and they will come. Unfortunately that seems to be the mantra of a lot of B2B businesses these days “We’ve built this really cool landing page and created this amazing video with an interactive guide to our products but no one’s bought anything”. Sure they may post some links via twitter or fire out an email to their creaky old database but is that really going to work?

What has happened to good solid lead generation campaigns? Are they even still relevant?

We find that a lot of our clients have got a great product and great promotional material however it’s in the targeting and following up of specific decision makers that we have to provide the most support. Digital marketing on its own is just not accurate or powerful enough to target the big budget holders it’s like firing a water pistol at a tin can a mile away.

The key ingredients of great lead generation are the right data, the right messaging and the right follow up. Concentrating on just one of these aspects is just not enough we have to consider Lead Generation from start to finish.

True these days we have some great tools to help us automate some parts of the process however we need to make sure we don’t get side tracked with tasks and workflows and keep sight of the end goal which is to generate leads that the sales team can close.

GCL Direct specialise in Data, Insight and Dialogue for B2B to find out how we’ve helped our clients over the last 25 years get in contact.

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