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Now it’s Personal

Posted on by GCLAdmin

We marketers love our buzzwords and the latest one seems to be personalisation, but what does it mean and how can we use it in B2B marketing?

In the IDMs B2B Barometer Report, personalisation is highlighted as one of three major trends in B2B marketing. The report goes onto encourage marketers to personalise their content in order to better engage their audience quoting statistics such as an increase of 270%  in content consumption for personalised content.

But it’s not just the case of adding a couple of merge variables in your email tool. Personalisation is all about segmenting your data properly and using that information to target specific content and suspects who will be more receptive to your material and ultimately be more likely to buy from you. In practice this could take a lot of work or a professional partner to set up and requires a well maintained and in some instances in depth database. The rewards can be large as the IDM report also suggests that you could see a 30% increase in conversation rates  when targeted in this way.

However these conversations don’t just start themselves! In order to make the most of our hard work we need to monitor our interactions and make a judgement on when and how to engage the now warm prospect. Depending on our strategy this could mean handing over the warm leads directly to sales or to avoid the time wasters we can use telemarketing to further qualify the leads moving seamlessly from MQL to SQL. Either way communication between the teams is the key and we need to remember that just as our content was personalised so should our approach to the prospect be. Always treat them as individual and never use a script.

Finally it is important to remember that just because someone has consumed our content they may not be ready to buy…yet. Nurturing these uncommitted leads with more personalised content is a key tool in maintaining a consistent sales pipeline.

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Opting In to EU Data Protection

Posted on by GCLAdmin

Opt In, Telemarketing, Email

How will the new EU Data Regulations affect us as B2B marketers? Is there anything we can do to prepare?

The change in EU regulations have been a long time in the making but rest assured they will be with us in no time at all. In fact the ICO have already been given more powers to crack down on nuisance callers all be it mainly in the B2C sector.

The impact of the new regulations on direct marketing across both B2C and B2B has been described as “catastrophic” with a few commentators predicting the death of both email marketing and telemarketing as we know it.

But can this be true? Is there no hope for our carefully crafted prospect databases? How will we generate leads in the future?

We all know that whilst digital marketing is a great tool for attracting potential clients, that it takes real human interaction to qualify prospects and nurture leads to become sales.

All may not be lost, in GCL Direct’s latest publication find out how you can transform your existing database into a lead generation machine by using Opt In techniques that comply with the proposed EU Regulations.

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The Social Struggle

Posted on by GCLAdmin

Bringing Social Together with Lead Generation

Struggling to make Social perform? Seems like everyone is chasing the elusive pot of leads at the end of the Social Media Rainbow and yet many B2B Marketers are frustrated with the results and lack of them.

This month we’re sharing some of our Insight on how to make Social perform for Lead Generation along with some of the challenges to getting there. Don’t miss out – get your free copy today.

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Now it’s Personal

We marketers love our buzzwords and the latest one seems to be personalisation, but what does it mean and how can we use it in B2B marketing? In the IDMs B2B Barometer Report, personalisation is highlighted as one of three … Continue reading

Posted on Wednesday 25th March, 2015

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