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Celebrating 8 Years at GCL Direct

Posted on by GCLAdmin
Helen Barlow Key Accounts Director

Helen Barlow Key Accounts Director

Today we are pleased to congratulate our Key Account Director Helen Barlow on 8 years with specialist Lead Generation and Telemarketing firm GCL Direct.

Helen joined GCL back in November 2006 and has been instrumental in the companies growth across the Media, Events, Professional Services and Technology sectors.

Helen says:

“8 years has flown by and there have been a lot of developments at GCL, new marketing automation software, new client service roles to help deliver better results for our clients not to mention our new focused data services team. It’s great to have such experience across the team, from telemarketers to Project Managers and I’m really proud to be part of such a successful business”

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Data Insight, Enhancement and Effectiveness – The Marketers “not so” Secret Weapon.

Posted on by GCLAdmin
Data Insight

Find out what your database really contains…

An expert opinion on effective B2B databases – Sam Crowder Data Director November 2014

Enhancement & Appending

It’s time for the big push on that new product or solution, the one the CEO has personally been championing. Everything’s in place, the contents done, the infographics look amazing but what about the mailing list? The one you used 2 years ago will be fine… wont it?

The fact is that it probably won’t and rushing out to buy a new database is not necessarily the answer. A far quicker and more cost effective way could be to enhance your current database.

How do you want your data to work for you?

We’d all like to think we’ve got a healthy well maintained database however the harsh reality is that unless you’ve had a dedicated resource looking after it full time – it probably won’t meet your needs all the time.

How well do you know your database? For example you may have a large database bursting with prospects but can you segment them by job function, sector, number of employees or turnover? This can be crucial in an age when people receive dozens of sales emails or phone calls every day you need to make sure the message you are sending is specific to the prospect. Tailoring your messages can be very difficult if you don’t have all the information you need about the prospect.

You may already have 75% of the information you require and all you need is the final crucial piece of the puzzle such as the number of employees the company has to make the campaign work.

Choose the correct data provider

If you don’t have a full time resource to look after your database choosing a dependable data partner or agency is essential. A good data partner will assess your database and help you decide when to enhance what you have and when it’s best to cut your losses and buy new data.

It may be easier said than done but try not to focus on the financial aspects of fixing up a database. Remember especially for telemarketing and postal campaigns that the cost of postage or time spent on the phone to the wrong contact will be greater than enhancing that contact now.

There are hundreds of data providers out there who can help you, all of them promising the world so how do you choose who to work with? Make sure you do your research and give a perspective provider as many details as possible. Explain to them the problem you are trying to solve and listen to the solution they suggest. A sign of a good provider is that they will ask you for more detail and make suggestions on how to maximize your potential data pool.

Test and evaluate

The first stage of the enhancement process is to match your existing data against the provider’s data some providers may charge for this service so it’s always worth checking before you send your file for matching. Don’t expect a 100% match rate however; a good range to aim for is between 60-80%. It is important to make sure that the provider can provide you with the specific enhancements you require for the matched data e.g. turnover or SIC Code; after all its no good matching 80% of your data only to find the provider doesn’t have SIC codes for all that data.

Often different providers will have better coverage in different areas so always get counts from multiple vendors before you commit or find a data broker you can trust to do that job for you.

A word of caution only send your data to a data provider for appending if you are certain they can be trusted and always ask for a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Fueling Insight

Just by adding a few fields to your existing database you will be amazed by the insight this will provide into your customer and prospect base. By adding the right fields you could get a better understanding of your core sectors and where there could be potential for growth in the future. Using your own data as evidence you could assess what type of companies provide the largest orders and what type of companies may not be worth pursuing.

With the ever increasing demand from the top to show tangible ROI for all aspects of business, the more data and insight you can provide into the benefits of effective marketing campaigns the better.

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C- Level Appointment Setting – Quick Fix Top Tips

Posted on by GCLAdmin
CXO Appointment Setting

Get your sales team in front of the CXO with GCL’s help

Getting up close and personal with your prospects is an extremely powerful tool for modern Sales and Marketing teams, providing a one on one audience, a chance to make and impact and really align your solutions with their needs.

With over 25 years’ experience in generating qualified appointments for B2B clients in Technology, Professional Services and Logistics GCL bring you our Quick Fix Top Tips for Appointment Setting, C-Level and beyond.

Know your Target Market. It’s important to start with a smaller, targeted list of well researched, high profile leads.

Know your audience. When you reach out to each individual, make the call about their company – not yours. Lead with information you’ve researched before telling them how your solution can help.

Know your influencers. C-Suite Executives are hard to reach. and often rely on assistants to “filter” their e-mail, direct mail and phone calls. Treat them with respect, have a conversation with them, ask them for help, often, a good administrative assistant can be your best friend.

Know your message. Preparation is key you only get one shot at making a first impression. Tailor your message and remember that you’ll only have a few minutes on the phone, so keep it simple. Demonstrating empathy with their business pains and being able to name drop relevant client references where you can demonstrate previous successes is very powerful.

Know what you want. After talking to the right person, asking the right questions, and offering the right solutions, you need to ask for the right appointment. But you need to know what this looks like. Is it a phone call, an in-person meeting, or a full presentation?

Getting qualified appointment time with core Decision Makers can be an invaluable tool for your sales team but relies on the skill and expertise of the agents calling, their experience, support, management and coaching.

Make sure your team and agents are fully on board with the core objectives, data targets, collateral available and rationale behind your campaign and work with experts to design, develop and ensure that your campaign delivers.

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Celebrating 8 Years at GCL Direct

Today we are pleased to congratulate our Key Account Director Helen Barlow on 8 years with specialist Lead Generation and Telemarketing firm GCL Direct. Helen joined GCL back in November 2006 and has been instrumental in the companies growth across the … Continue reading

Posted on Wednesday 19th November, 2014

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