For those of you who read our latest blog ‘7 myths of Telemarketing’ you will realise that here at GCL, we are on a mission!….


With many companies having no previous experience of telemarketing and others having nothing but bad luck, we felt it was time to set the record….

Outsourced Marketing
A Guide to Outsourced Marketing

Marketing has never been easier or more complex, both at the same time. This may sound contradictory but this is the dilemma most organisations face….

Use Telemarketing
How Can I Use Telemarketing?

Anyone who has attended a marketing conference, seminar or event this year will have heard from someone the phrase “Cold Calling is Dead”. As a….

Customer Acquisition
12 Customer Acquisition Facts

The Customer Acquisition Barometer published by the Direct Marketing Association in association with The Media Octopus is packed full of insights about how both business-to-consumer….

Inbound Leads
How Can I Improve my Inbound Leads?

Elequa, Marketo, Hubspot, Silverpop all immensely powerful tools for marketers. When used properly they have the ability to turn thousands of strangers to visitors and….

B2B Data
The Secrets of Effective B2B Data

How you manage and work your B2B data is at the heart of any good marketing strategy. Whether you operate in the B2B or B2C….

Does Telemarketing Work
Does Telemarketing Work?

More and more businesses are coming to us and asking "does Telemarketing work"? Over the last 20 years telemarketing has got a bad reputation amongst….

Bad Telemarketing
The Reality of Pay Per Lead

All businesses have a budget and when it comes to outsourcing telemarketing then the more bang you can get for your buck is clearly an….

Timed to Perfection – Prospect Engagement

  Consumers, whether in the B2C world or B2B world, have now become researchers. The advent of digital has given us a tool that we….